What is a
Corporate Storyteller?

A Corporate Storyteller is a remarkable advocate. They are clear, concise, and memorable communicators.
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Who needs to be a
Corporate Storyteller?

Communicators trying to create action based on complex ideas. Those influencing and persuading others to make a decision.
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How does Articulus create Corporate Storytellers?

We will work alongside you on a specific event/situation/presentation or train you to create your own stories.
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Customer Stories

Helping people make a decision instead of describing what you do…

Keith Charron has spent over 30 years in leadership at a variety of tech companies.  He has witnessed the difference in how his people can improve their ability to sell.  In one example Keith’s team doubled their revenue as a result of using Corporate Storytelling:

“I have seen the performance of people go way up.  A lot of people in enterprise software business fall into “geek speak” because there is  alot of technology involved.  This applies to any complex sale (medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, industrial sales).  The fact that Articulus has been able to bring together a coherent message has had a dramatic effect on people’s ability to sell and their ability to convince people to buy.  In a lot of ways it is helping the customer buy, as opposed to describing what you sell.”


What is Corporate Storytelling ?

Corporate Storytelling is a method of persuasive communication that uses everything you know about your solution (idea, product, project, etc.), your audience (customer, internal management, team, etc.), and the alternatives (status quo, competitor, etc.) and transforms it into a message that gets people to take action on your ideas. It is about making sure that message is clear, compelling, and concise. We help you to Get to the Point!

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