What is a Corporate Storyteller?

What are you going to say when you get there? This is a fundamental question for any advocate. No matter what your role is, there are times when you need others to agree with your ideas and take action.  In order for them to do that, they need to agree with your point of view. Whether you are selling a product or trying to change an internal process, what you say will influence their perception.  What strategy do you follow to optimize this?

Corporate Storytellers know exactly how to communicate a point of view so people take action.  Corporate Storytellers are more persuasive because they are more engaging, memorable, and concise.  They know how to strategically get to the point.  See below for more details…

Who needs to be a
Corporate Storyteller

Communicators trying to create action based on complex ideas. Those influencing and persuading others to make a decision.
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How does Articulus create
Corporate Storytellers

We will work alongside you on a specific event/situation/presentation or train you to create your own stories.
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Applications of Corporate Storytelling

Corporate Storytelling is used for
remarkably effective
presentations and conversations.
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