Pursuit Advocacy

Large, complex sales require remarkable advocacy throughout a pursuit.  You don’t win at a single event.  You build the win throughout, confirmed with a great final presentation.  The keys to success are consistent messages in both sales conversations and sales presentations throughout the life of a pursuit.  

You will apply fundamental ideas including:

    • Early Stage: Sharing thought leadership and/or a Point of View
    • Middle Stage: Differentiation, Win Themes, and Validating Solutions
    • Late Stage: Final Presentation Preparation

Participants experience a simulated, complex sales pursuit including a series of “client interactions” with real CXOs.  The Articulus advocacy content is integrated into the simulation and utilized at each client interaction.  At the end of the workshop the participants will have experienced real client interactions at each critical stage of a large, complex sales cycle and have been provided invaluable feedback at each event by expert consultants and experienced executives.  This workshop stresses the applications of soft skills during an entire pursuit.  This workshop is challenging, intense, and realistic.  

Pursuit Advocacy content is ideally suited for enterprises that have long, complex, high value sales.  Large IT outsourcing is a perfect example.  The training has been delivered in programs at HPE, CSC/DXC, and Cognizant.

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