Articulus was formed in 1999 to help business professionals use communication to transform people and thus help them to take action on complex or intangible ideas. We create Corporate Storytellers who can sell complex deals more effectively. We create Corporate Storytellers that can lead a transformation in their company. We create Corporate Storytellers that use communications to persuade people to action. We create Corporate Storytellers that Get to the Point!

We are Corporate Storytellers ourselves and have worked in sales, marketing, and leadership at large and small companies. We can help you get to the point and find the heart of your message in less time than you think. We specialize in technical and complex subject matter. From seminars to e-learning to one-on-one coaching, we’ll help you discover what will make the connection between your idea and your audience.

Articulus has developed proven processes for messaging that are designed to help you and your sales team get results.

Corporate Storytelling Lives in Our People

Scott Croft

Scott is passionate about helping organizations achieve sustainable, profitable, and accelerated business growth through developing and supporting their people.  His experience helping people learn and develop skills and abilities including interpersonal and communication effectiveness spans more than 30 years.  He has facilitated learning in more than 50 countries around the world in a number of languages and is excited to bring Corporate Storytelling to anyone who wants to develop compelling and memorable messages that can cut through the noise and get your ideas heard and understood.

Cheryl Chartier

Cheryl’s Corporate Storytelling expertise stems from years of managing large pursuits for international contractors in a complex industry. She has extensive experience in coaching successful outcomes for “mega deals” for both public sector and commercial customers. Cheryl joined Articulus in 2012 and now primarily focuses on training and large pursuit advocacy for both IT services and Oil & Gas EPC clients.

Brian O’Keefe

Since 2006, Brian has assisted organizations such as Ecolab, Halliburton, and Siemens in promoting their ideas both within their ranks and to external audiences. With a foundation in Engineering, Brian offers a distinctive combination of technical proficiency and effective communication. Prior to joining Articulus, he was an Account Manager in the engineering software sector, catering to the needs of large enterprises. Brian excels in guiding individuals through workshops and advising organizations on developing persuasive messages tailored to their specific requirements. His engineering background proves invaluable in elucidating intricate concepts.

Tom Peurach

Tom Peurach has worked at Articulus since 2002.  Tom believes that great ideas are only valuable if others understand them.  Tom works with a variety of industries, but specializes in Information Technology and large, complex sales.  

Global Network

Articulus has a network of certified instructors, facilitators, and coaches around the world.  Articulus has a well defined certification process.  Please contact us if you or your staff would like to become certified Corporate Storytelling coaches and facilitators.


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