What is a
Corporate Storyteller?

A Corporate Storyteller is a remarkable advocate. They are clear, concise, and memorable communicators.
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Who needs to be a
Corporate Storyteller?

Communicators trying to create action based on complex ideas. Those influencing and persuading others to make a decision.
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How does Articulus create Corporate Storytellers?

We will work alongside you on a specific event/situation/presentation or train you to create your own stories.
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Customer Stories

Infosys grows from $3B to $14B/year in Large Deal Awards over 3 years

Infosys is a Fortune 100 Global IT Services Firm where Articulus is fully embedded.  We have coached 60+ deals and are training 1,500+ sellers in Corporate Storytelling.  The Corporate Storytelling training is rated  9.9/10 by surveyed participants and the quote below is evidence of the impact Corporate Storytelling had on their results:


“Corporate Storytelling is fully embedded in Sales Effectiveness at Infosys through our branded IMAGE program. Sellers are using their advocacy skills to markedly improve win rate and strengthen the sales pipeline, despite the pandemic. The Articulus Virtual Corporate Storytelling Workshop consistently gets high feedback scores, with hundreds of sellers completing their learning in 2021.  This program delivers a solid return on sales investment across the organization.”

Hemant Lamba
Senior Vice President & Global Head of Strategic Sales


What is Corporate Storytelling ?

Corporate Storytelling is a method of persuasive communication that uses everything you know about your solution (idea, product, project, etc.), your audience (customer, internal management, team, etc.), and the alternatives (status quo, competitor, etc.) and transforms it into a message that gets people to take action on your ideas. It is about making sure that message is clear, compelling, and concise. We help you to Get to the Point!

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