Communicating with Credibility for
Women Leaders

Delivering effective communications is critical to seeking and retaining any leadership position, and to winning business, in the corporate world.  Yet many women struggle to plan and deliver effective communications because they may feel particularly vulnerable when presenting in male-dominated environments.  The types of communications required in leadership offer unique challenges for women that make it harder for them to be seen as credible. Additionally, research shows that women are unlikely to get honest feedback on both their communications and their performance.

The Communicating with Credibility for Women Leaders workshop teaches women leaders how to be strategic communicators.  We teach a process to focus their ideas into messages that the audience can understand and then use to make a decision.   Our messaging process allows women to showcase their strengths and expertise in a way that helps them gain credibility.  Furthermore, we teach women how to present their ideas in a way that creates confidence in their overall competence.

Communicating with Credibility reveals both concepts and specific tactics to demonstrate competence, intelligence and assertiveness when speaking.  Our woman-to-woman coaching is unique to this workshop and is designed to help women leaders become more aware of both the verbal and non-verbal speech tendencies that undermine their success.

  • Message– Utilizing the Articulus StoryboardTM process and the ingredients of persuasion, women leaders will learn the art and science behind influential message construct
  • Media– Discover how media choices and usage will either enhance or undermine your credible message delivery
  • Authentic Delivery – Bring your true self to any high stakes situation with confidence by increasing your awareness of the verbal and non-verbal speech tendencies that undermine your success
  • Presence – One-on-one coaching to adjust your technique and manage communications as part of an overall strategy of being seen and heard as a leader
  • Gender Dynamics – Increase awareness of the gender dynamics involved in audience perception, access to constructive feedback, and your own personal tendencies

This unique workshop is for women, taught and coached by women.

Workshop Duration: 3 days.  All training occurs in a classroom environment.  The mornings of each day will be devoted to key concepts and techniques that will be used.  The afternoon sessions will focus on application through live messaging. Video recordings of your communications will be provided.  Women Leaders will work on a message of importance that must be communicated internally or externally within 30 days of the workshop.  You will receive coaching and feedback from Corporate Storytellers and your women peers.  Many past attendees have told us that they have either received endorsement for their ideas or closed business deals, using their new skills, immediately following the workshop.

You will Learn, Apply, Practice and get Feedback.

  • You will Learn the concepts of communicating with credibility in male-dominant corporations in an interactive, learner-centric environment.
  • You will Apply concepts and your new skills on real messages of importance that you are preparing to deliver
  • You will Practice your messaging each day in front of your peers and your Coach
  • You will get Feedback on your personal presence and application of the learning in a safe environment.

This workshop is intended specifically for women in midlevel to senior management positions that must effectively communicate complex ideas to customers or members of senior management, either internally or externally.  This workshop is ideal for high potential women leaders who need to build confidence and credibility in communicating their strengths and expertise.  Typical attendees include women from male-dominated industries who hold, or aspire to attain, positions in leadership, sales, technology, operations, and marketing.

“Our president was definitely impressed with the presentation. He said he had been thinking about this concept for the last 10-20 years, and that my message completely changed his line of thinking. This is huge!”

Beth Mitchell, PMP
Senior Director of Integration


“I am often skeptical about going to another workshop, but this one was different. From the minute Cheryl spoke, she was insightful, relevant, and hilarious. I learned a ton about corporate storytelling as well as myself throughout the workshop and took home a lot of great information to use in the future.”

Molly McCarthy
Senior Manager, Strategic Development


“Cheryl, you were a dynamic blessing to our group!  The ladies are still talking about you.  I learned so much today just in the short time… Women are different from men and it is great to talk about this awareness and share experiences. I truly hope it will be possible to have you back!”

  Phyllis Price – Senior Manager







Cheryl’s Corporate Storytelling expertise and insight into the challenges women leaders’ face, stems from years of leadership and executive management roles for international contractors in a highly complex industry known for its good ole boys reputation. Beyond developing Corporate Storytellers, and coaching teams to deliver winning high stakes presentations, her true passion is mentoring and leadership development.  More specifically, Cheryl loves addressing the topics most important to women leaders, emphasizing credible communications in the workplace while balancing demanding roles with a rewarding family life.

Cheryl uses humor and real-life examples to lead the learning and discussion on core issues that women face in business today, with ample time for sharing and reflection, in a safe, fun and high-energy environment.

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