Do you want your audience inspired at your next event?  We use what we teach at every Keynote. We deliver custom developed speeches about how Corporate Storytelling impacts organizations. We deliver the newest ideas about persuasive communications applied to leadership and complex sales. We can help people to recognize the need to change and thus change the organization faster. We are experts at creating custom messages that will resonate with your audience.

We don’t have a single message that we roll out every time we speak. Each and every speech is custom developed working with your event team to make sure it supports your immediate goals. We use the process we teach in the classroom and at the front of the room to mobilize the audience in pursuit of valuable goals and as a model for public speaking. The ideas are designed to be interesting and impactful.

Special Interest Keynotes

How do women demonstrate both competence and confidence when communicating? We call it Communicating with Credibility for Women Leaders.

Public speaking offers unique challenges for women that make it harder for them to be seen and heard as leaders. In this Keynote, we demonstrate how to advocate their ideas so that others will get on board, and reveal the ingredients required to improve their influence. We explore how to create a message that is concise and memorable, and how to be more engaging and interesting. We focus on how to uncover their true authentic self when communicating and address both the verbal and non-verbal speech tendencies that undermine success.

This customized Keynote mirrors our workshop by the same name, and is well suited to Women’s affinity groups and leadership diversity development initatives inside your company.