Conversational Advocacy Workshop

What are you going to say when you get there? That is the most basic question in sales. When the customer event is a presentation, salespeople typically think about the message they are trying to convey. They prepare slides. Create scripts. Conversations are different from presentations. They are dynamic. Two way. But, at the same time, you have a message to deliver. Sales people typically do not have the same rigor for conversations. And moreover, sales people typically do not know how to work a message into a conversation in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner. Conversational Advocacy(™) solves these two critical and prolific challenges.

The Conversational Advocacy(™) Workshop is a natural extension of the skills taught in the Corporate Storytelling Workshop. Participants are taught how to use the elements of the Articulus Storyboard Process™ in the dynamic environment of a conversation. We teach participants how to navigate a conversation, identify opportunities for persuasion, and elegantly advocate ideas during conversations.

Two fundamental skills in selling are:  “What do you ask when you get there and what do you say when you get there.”  These are commonly referred to as inquiry and advocacy, and are both fundamental conversational skills.  Articulus focuses on advocacy.  We create Corporate Storytellers by teaching the Elements of Persuasion.  Conversational Advocacy channels the power of persuasion into a conversational setting.

Conversational Advocacy will help you navigate a conversation, identify advocacy opportunities, and articulate your message so it is persuasive, clear, memorable, and compelling.

The Conversational Advocacy workshop is taught utilizing a face-to-face instructor led format.  Due to the dynamic nature of conversations, the workshop is highly interactive and integrates numerous opportunities for practicing advocacy in a conversation.   

You will Learn, Apply, Practice, and get Feedback.  This process is repeated numerous times in 5-10 minute simulated conversations.  

Learn – You will learn to prepare for the advocacy aspects of a conversation, how to integrate Corporate Storytelling into a conversation, and how to understand conversation dynamics

Apply – Workshop exercises are designed to have you apply Corporate Storytelling concepts on a real, upcoming conversation/meeting.

Practice – Preparing for a conversation, and practicing a conversation are different. You will experience the dynamics of a conversation through live simulated conversations with co-workers and workshop instructors.  

Feedback – Often times observing a conversation is more educational than participating in the conversation.  Every simulated conversation will be observed by a co-worker and/or an instructor.  You will get feedback on everything from your ability to deliver a message as well as the ability to navigate the dynamics of a conversation.

Participants in Conversational Advocacy typically come from client-facing roles.  The workshop focuses on sales conversations, and as such, sales people, business developers, and technical pre-sales professionals find tremendous value.  In addition, we have found that consultants and service delivery attendees get just as much value as they are often engaged in client conversations that provide valuable business development opportunities.

Conversational Advocacy workshops are taught by Master Corporate Storytellers with 15+ years of experience.  Talk to one of them now!

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