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The Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop for Proposals is designed to help you develop and deliver powerful proposals to enable clients to choose you. For this decision to happen they must learn what makes your offer different and  how you will meet their objectives. They also need high impact evidence that the outcomes promised have been successfully delivered before. With the Articulus StoryboardingTM Process, you can build persuasive proposal messages every time including clear differentiators and a compelling answer to “Why Us?”

In business today, most written proposals are merely compliant and attempt to inform with lots and lots of details, features and explanations.  This doesn’t empower the client to choose you! We will teach you a process to uncover what’s important to the client so you can connect your responses to what they value. Corporate Storytellers make the proposal about the customer, not about you and your solution.

These are the fundamentals behind the Proposals Corporate Storytelling process.  We transfer methods and a proposal process that you can use to develop and deliver effective content that simplifies the complexity, engages the client and delivers the win! 

  • Win Strategy: no cumbersome tools or forms to fill out! Have everyone skilled at Win Strategy development with a simple, effective process to focus on the client, understand your competition and uncover compelling differentiation necessary to win the business.
  • Storytelling: utilizing the StoryboardTM methodology to ensure client-focused proposal write-ups – imagine your proposals with remarkable written advocacy that includes all the ingredients of persuasion.
  • Brochure Style Executive Summaries: Reach all client decision makers with high impact media designed to get to the point. Learn the nuances of an effective cover letter, and the fundamentals of writing to win in today’s fast-paced business environment.

The Corporate Storytelling Workshop for Proposals is a 3-day workshop delivered   in-person and led by an Articulus Master Corporate Storyteller.   Working in teams, your participants will work on up to 5 actual proposals currently in execution to develop winning strategies, compelling write-ups and a mock-up of the client-focused executive summary.  Most participants tell us that the workshop accelerated their efforts to submittal and immediately improved their outputs.

You will Learn, Apply, Discuss, and get Feedback.

  • You will Learn the concepts of Corporate Storytelling, Win Strategy Development, and effective written advocacy in an interactive, learner-centric environment.
  • Working in teams, you will Apply concepts and your new skills on real prospects or proposals you are currently responding to.
  • You will Discuss and present your actual development efforts each day in front of your peers and the Articulus Master Instructor.
  • You will get Feedback on your application of Corporate Storytelling for your proposal, win strategy, and executive summary from the instructor and your peers.

The audience for the Corporate Storytelling Workshop for Proposals is designed and intended for cross-functional teams responsible for business development including sales leaders, proposal professionals, strategists, marketing, inside sales and business leaders charged with P&L.

Win Strategy Effort Leads to Invitation to Bid

A team doing true business development gets client to agree to a meeting pre-RFP.  They used the Win Strategy Technique, and developed an unsolicited response through a Brochure Style Executive Summary, to showcase their advocacy.  Their efforts paid off.  The client agreed to the next meeting, and to put them on the bidders list for a large scope of work on an upcoming mega project.

“The client told us that we did a great job and that our messages have really stuck with him.  He said we brought forward a number of things that they hadn’t thought of.  I am convinced that this process really works!  We are on to the next phase.”

Martin Siddle
Senior Director Business Development



Articulus uses certified Master Corporate Storytellers with years of experience in Proposal Management in large multinational firms in a complex technical industry for all face-to-face instruction in this particular workshop.  Ask about our Instructor and Coach’s certification process whereby you can learn to facilitate Corporate Storytelling for Proposals sessions with internal resources.

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