Presenting Remotely – Increase Interaction

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Presenting Remotely – Increase Interaction

Because of COVID-19, more and more presentations are being done remotely.  The problem: communication suffers.  Remote presentations are simply not as effective. The audience is often distracted with other tasks like email and texts.  While remote presenting will never be as good as “in the room” presenting, it can be significantly better.

We have some suggestions and best practices for remote presenting around how to increase interaction.  This webinar will teach the concepts and demonstrate them.  Register using the information below…

Friday, May 15th
@11:00 am Eastern US (New York) time zone

To Register:

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  3. Click “Get this course”
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  4. Click on “Start this Course”
  5. IMPORTANT: REGISTER for the one session you see.  Once you do this, you will have an option to add this event to your calendar.

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