Virtual vs Live Workshops?

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Virtual vs Live Workshops?

Customer: “Can you guys teach Corporate Storytelling Virtually?”

Brian: “Yes. We have been since 2009. We had two customers that forced us to create virtual training during the last downturn. We are glad they did. It has been a nice option for some of our customers over the last decade and it was easy to continue helping our customers during the current global pandemic.”

The next question is usually, “Is it still effective?”

You be the judge. I finished one of these virtual workshops last week. We had 15 people. Of those 15, I already know that 3 of them are using it because they told me or asked for 1-on-1 help and 1 of them reported some results already. Also, seven of them replied to the survey. Below are the results.

1. One participant has already used what they learned from the virtual workshop and reported success:

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I asked him to elaborate more and he wrote:

No alt text provided for this image

I look forward to seeing how those scores compared.


2. Check out some of the answers to the open questions we asked participants in our surveys…

No alt text provided for this image


3. Ratings from 1-5 on 6 criteria

No alt text provided for this image


Is the virtual experience as good as the live workshop? I don’t know. Some have said they like it better and others still want face-to-face. I wish I was back out there training people face to face. I think that is the most fun but the virtual workshop is still fun for me and it appears the results are still there for our customers.

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