Expressions provides a foundation on which professionals can build a career of successful communications.  The workshop demystifies the key elements of effective presentations and is based on the Corporate Storytelling skills taught in Articulus’ more advanced workshops.  

The follow subject areas are taught and practiced.

  • Message – What are you going to say when you get there?  In Expressions you will learn to prepare the core of your message and how to make sure your message resonates with your audience.
  • Media – Slides can be an effective tool to visually support your message.  But, slides are not your only option.  In Expressions you will learn to effectively use slides and integrate other media into your communication.
  • Personal Delivery – You are the message!  Your body language and voice play a critical role in communicating your ideas.  The key is determining what you should do and, more importantly, what you should NOT do.
  • Managing Anxiety – Everybody has some sense of anxiety before and during a presentation.  As you might know, people fear presenting more than death.  You will learn to manage that anxiety so your communication is effective.
  • Managing Logistics – Presentations are a logistic environment in and of themselves.  You will learn key logistics items and management techniques.

You will Learn, Apply, Practice, and get Feedback.   

Learn – You will learn to prepare and deliver an effective presentation.

Apply – Workshop exercises are designed to have you apply learnings on a real, upcoming presentation.

Practice – Each participant will deliver a 5 minute presentation to a group of co-workers.  

Feedback – Co-workers and/or the Articulus instructor will provide structured feedback on each presentation.

This workshop is taught as a 1-day face-to-face instructor-led event.  Groups of 10-50 people will engage in a highly interactive, application oriented event.  Each event costs $10,000 for up to 50 people.

The workshop focuses on presenting in a business context.  The participants are typically:

  • New to presenting
  • Uncomfortable presenting
  • Interesting in learning more about presenting
  • Desire additional presentation practice

Corporate Storytelling

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