Corporate Storyteller’s Guide to Managing Resistance

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Corporate Storyteller’s Guide to Managing Resistance

“The will to survive is not the strongest in human beings. The strongest instinct in human beings is to do what is familiar.”
– Virginia Satir

One of the toughest challenges in your job is to get customers/fellow employees to take action on your new ideas. You have to move them from the status quo to a new point of view yet people don’t like to change.  When they resist, how do you handle it?  How do you prepare for it?

As you know, Giving up what is familiar is an emotional endeavor for people. In order for people to change, they need a vision that helps them understand the “why” and compels them emotionally so they can accept your ideas and take the right action. Sometimes you will face resistance. What if you could help them overcome their concerns with your new idea?

To help with this, we created the Corporate Storytellers Guide to Managing Resistance

Thursday, April 30th
@12:30 am Eastern US (New York) time zone

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