Hoping for the Best is Not a Winning Strategy

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Hoping for the Best is Not a Winning Strategy

Hoping for the Best is Not a Winning Strategy

Is this how you look after your high stakes business presentations? Your colleague said, “Nice job.” But how do you really know it went well? Maybe they’re just relieved that it’s over.

Delivering effective messages is critical to your overall results as a leader. So you can’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best. You need a process.

Now to be fair, most people do have a process for developing their presentations. The process involves opening a recent PowerPoint deck and moving slides around. If that is your method for preparing, then you do need to keep your fingers crossed!

A persuasive message must include specific ingredients like perspective, benefits, and proof that what you claim is possible. It also needs to be interesting, if you expect anyone to keep listening. Using stories or analogies will help people to “get it” because stories transform thinking, and they are perfectly packaged to get inside the listener’s brain and be remembered. But you can’t just take your latest presentation deck and slap a story on top of it. There must be a method to your message madness if you want to ensure winning results.

Corporate Storytelling is a method – so you can stop with all that hoping. Let 2019 be the year you finally build your messaging skills and learn a new process that guarantees you will get the decision you advocate for at the end of every high stakes communication. Now that’s a winning strategy!

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