Corporate Storytelling Coach’s Seminar

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First Annual Certified Coach’s Seminar

Last Thursday (November 30th), we completed our first annual Coach’s Seminar.  This event accomplished several goals:

  1. Go into some depth on some topics we don’t usually have time for.  This helped deepen the coaching skills of each attendee for their own use and to be even better coaches for their companies.
  2. Discuss some new topics with the coaches.  They can bring this new knowledge back to their employer as well.  It also allowed us to get their input, which we appreciated.
  3. Gave each of us at Articulus a chance to say, “Thank you” to the coaches that have helped us over the years.

We wish every single one of our many coaches around the world could have attended.  We appreciate the effort taken to make it to the event.  We were also touched to learn more than half of the attendees paid their own way.  Thank you all for investing your time (and money) to make this happen.

Tom, Brian, and Cheryl